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R. Miranda Trucking is a privately owned company. It originated on June 17, 2002 by co-owners Mr. Roberto Miranda Sr., President and Mrs. Alicia Miranda, Vice President. Mr. Miranda began the business as an Owner Operator servicing the Houston Community and surrounding areas. The business name changed to R. Miranda Trucking & Construction, LLC on July 29, 2011 as there was a drastic shift in job performance, shifting from trucking services to construction projects.

Mr. and Mrs. Miranda have jointly worked together to ensure their family owned business continues to commit itself to their clients with great pride. With over 15 years of experience, the business has continued to flourish thus providing excellence service, economical prices and exceptional results. Because of their continual commitment, in 2011 the company was honored to have received the 2011 Texas Association of Mexican-American Chamber of Commerce nomination recognizing Mr. Roberto Miranda as “Top Business Man of the year.”


Our vision is to ensure our clients are able to differentiate us from our competition. We seek to create and maintain a lasting relationship with our clients, thus establishing a creditable reputation. Most projects are by recommendation of our clients; therefore we strive to ensure our legacy continues.


Our company’s mission consists in establishing community partnerships based on trust, quality performance and client satisfaction. We establish open lines of communication and effective practices to reach our highest potential. We ensure safety is our number one priority at all times, which in turn makes our jobsites a risk free environment in which our clients, employees and community members are able to visit at all times.





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